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feeling of dread. - *~LIVEfrom theSTUDIO~*

moonlight_999May. 18th, 2008 11:44 pm feeling of dread.

I have a strange sort of sinking suspicion that Bob has been stolen from our mansion's lobby and whisked away.
I'm pretty sure he was 'whisked' because there is no sign of a struggle.
There is only a note. It says, "Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma, Chemelion."
Which is all very well.
I'm not positive on what a 'chemilion' is, but if it is the thing that whisked Bob away, it's my first clue.
I looked it up in the dictionary, but it wasn't clear. It may be a lion made out of chemical gas.
I've asked the security woman. She says she saw a 'mighty rustlin'' in 'them bushes' but on further inspection it was only a talking wolf.
The wolf pointed me in the complete opposite direction and said that if anyone took Bob it was the shady looking guy that had been wandering around humming eighties classics outside the mansion.
Whatever could it all mean...?
I have an appointment with a stylist in half an hour and I really don't have time.
N, if you're around. Release the hounds or something.
I don't like to think there's some creepy guy outside, that talking wolf was a little creepy too. In fact, we don't have a security woman, either.

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